land access meaning in Chinese

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  • 地面通道
  • 可及性
  • 土地的获得
  • land:    n. 1.陆地,地面。 2.土地,田 ...
  • access:    n. 1.接近;会面。 2.捷径,门 ...
  • access to land:    进入土地


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  1. What is set of state - owned land access registers transfer
  2. What is is state - owned land access mortgaged and the relation of building droit
  3. Set of state - owned land access registers transfer , what proof document should the applicant submit
  4. Land access hangs out his shingle publicly trade , should announcement lowest trades valence and other trading terms
  5. After clinching a deal , sign land access to make over a contract by client and buyer , and by trade card of central ancient bronze mirror

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