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  • tong:    n. 〔用 pl.〕夹子,钳子。 f ...
  • ko:    昂; 岛; 钢; 港; 高; 羔; ...
  • tong to:    塘肚
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  1. Ft . of residential land . those villages that were affected included lee uk , chow uk , man uk , sha tsui , lan lai wan , ko tong , ha yeung , uk tau village , pak tam chung and pak tam au . roughly speaking , there were about 50 families living in these villages . about 300 to 400 people were resettled in sai kung town , where blocks of 5 - storey houses were built for this purpose . approximately 20 to 30 families of boat people affected , however , were resettled on land
    1万平方尺建筑地,直接受影响的村落分别有李屋、周屋、万屋、沙咀、烂泥湾等,估计居民约有50馀户,人口至少有400 ,其中的300至400名居民被迁往西贡墟新建五层楼宇,被迁移上岸的水上人家约有20至30户,其他受波及的村落包括高塘、下洋、屋头村、北潭涌、北潭坳等地。

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