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  • 1.长形帆布用具袋。
  • kit:     kit3 n. 1.小猫 ...
  • bag:    n. 1.袋,囊;枕套。 2.钱包; ...
  • kit:    n. 1.〔方言〕木桶;(盛鱼、奶油 ...
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  1. He seized on his kit bag and ran out with his comrades
  2. Because it is too long distance to ship goods back , we will send a kit bag for every inflatable products
  3. What included in products ? it is included inflatable games , blower , kit bag including the same color s material , glue , ground sheet
  4. When i am doing a television show or magazine photo - shoot , the one product i make sure i have in my kit bag is hi gloss essence
  5. Martin seemed suddenly to wake up . he opened the kit bag and oiled his wheel , putting graphite on the chain and adjusting the bearings

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