just the way you are meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "just the way you are" in a sentence
  • 爱你本来的样子
  • 就是你现在的样子
  • 你就是你
  • 你行你素
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  • just:    n.,vi. =joust.
  • way:    adv. 1.= away. 2.〔 ...
  • you:    pron. 〔sing., pl.〕 ...
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  1. I ' m here to tell you you ' re perfect just the way you are
  2. I iove you just the way you are
  3. I want you just the way you are
  4. I ' ii take you just the way you are
  5. He explained you can never be perfect , that christ doesn t expect you to be perfect , that you can just be and that christ loves you just the way you are

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