just the two of us meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "just the two of us" in a sentence
  • 就只有我俩
  • 名声大震
  • 只有我们俩
  • just:    n.,vi. =joust.
  • two:    n. (pl. twos) 1.两人 ...
  • us:    1.= U. S. 2.如果后面附有 ...
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  1. Because we ' ll be here waiting , just the two of us
  2. A : yes , just the two of us . nobody else
  3. Stop thinking about it . lt ' s just the two of us today
  4. Come on , let ' s have some time just the two of us
  5. But let ' s have dinner tonight , just the two of us , okay

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