just the same as always meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "just the same as always" in a sentence
  • 就跟往常一样
  • just:    n.,vi. =joust.
  • same:    adj. 〔常 the same〕 ...
  • always:    adv. 1.永远,始终。 2.经常 ...
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  1. Just the same as always
  2. Just the same as always
  3. My god , my god , the same people , the same talk , papa holding his cup , and blowing it just the same as always , thought natasha , feeling with horror an aversion rising up in her for all her family , because they were always the same
    “我的天呀,我的天,还是那些同样的面孔,同样的谈话,爸爸还是拿着一只茶碗,仍旧对着茶碗吹气! ”娜塔莎想道,因为他们依然如故,所以她惊恐地觉得自己心中升起了一阵对全家人的厌恶感。

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