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  • 跳跃项目
  • jumping:    n. 跳动,跃变。 adj. 跳跃的 ...
  • event:    n. 1.事件;事情;事变;大事。 ...
  • events:    大事记; 华夏活动; 日程事项; 时 ...
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  1. Mark : 1 watched a high jump event last night , there are some partsi don ' t understand
  2. Mark : i watched a high jump event last night , there are some parts i don ' t undeerstand
  3. In the 4th section we study the optimal consumption and portfolio wher e the stock price with mixed jump - diffusion process , and get the explicit solution of this problem with maximum expected uti1ity ( uti1ity function with constant coefficient and risk averseness ) . in the 5th section of this thesis give an concrete example , consider optimal consumption and investment tactics with jump events , and get the optimal consumption and portfolios under maximize expected utility ( risk detesting utility function with constant coefficient etc . )
    第四章考虑了股票价格的动态过程基于复合跳跃? ?扩散过程下的最优消费及投资策略,并求出了期望效用(常系数风险厌恶型效用函数)最大化下的最优消费和投资组合。第五章考虑了由于外部事件的影响导致股票价格的动态路径出现跳跃时的最优消费及投资策略,并求出了期望效用(常系数风险厌恶型效用函数)最大化下的最优消费和投资组合。

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