jump aboard meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "jump aboard" in a sentence
  • 参加, 介入
  • aboard:    adv. 1.在船[飞机、车]上,上 ...
  • jump:    vi. 1.跳,跳跃,跳起;弹跳,跳 ...
  • jump at:    匆匆作出
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  1. jim warn t on his island, so i tramped off in a hurry for the crick, and crowded through the willows, red-hot to jump aboard and get out of that awful country . the raft was gone
  2. jump aboard the unique " shining star " ferry, a beautiful recreation of the ferries that plied victoria harbour during the 1920s . enjoy the sights in air-conditioned comfort or bask on the sun deck

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