julia says meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "julia says" in a sentence
  • 茱莉叶说
  • julia:    n. 朱莉亚〔女子名〕。
  • say:    vt.,vi. 1.说,讲;表达;表 ...
  • it says that:    传出消息
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  1. Julia says she has never seen him so amiable .
  2. Julia said she'd had a good time .
  3. Julia said that francis seemed to be getting intolerant .
  4. And then tom said to gwyneth that he loved shakespeare in love , and then gwyneth said to tom that she loved cast away , and then julia said to mel that she loved what women want , and mel said to julia that he loved erin brockovitch , and then it was late and they all went home
    接着汤姆对格温妮丝说喜欢看她的《莎翁情史》 ,格温妮丝对汤姆说她喜欢他的《荒岛余生》 ,然后朱丽娅对梅尔说喜欢他的《女人要什么》 ,梅尔对朱丽娅说他喜欢《永不妥协》 ,再下来天晚了,他们就都回家去了。

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