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  • 伊曲康唑
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  1. Preparation of itraconazole pvp tiny pill and dissolution experiments in vitro
  2. Solubilization of itraconazole with cyclodextrin inclusion technique
  3. Preparation and characterization of itraconazole hydroxypropyl - - cyclodextrin inclusion complex
  4. In conclusion , treatment with amphotericin b and itraconazole has negligible efficacy in cns aspergillosis
  5. Conclusions : monilia albicans bacteria is the most important source of vvc infection , itraconazole and fluconazol were the most resistant drug for candida mycoderma bacteria , but amphotericin and 5 - flucytosine were the most sensitive
    结论:外阴阴道假丝酵母菌病主要由白假丝酵母菌感染所致,假丝酵母菌对伊曲康唑、氟康唑耐药率最高,对两性霉素及5 -氟胞嘧啶最敏感。

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