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  • 项目分析
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  1. An item analysis of combined raven ' s test on the item response theory
  2. The reliability of the instrument was tested with internal consistency reliability , test - retest reliability , and item analysis
  3. 2 ) the result of item analysis shows that most of the index of item discrimination is above 0 . 2 and the coefficiences are above significant level
    2 、项目分析结果表明,各项目的相关系数均达到差异显著,区分度一般达到0 . 20左右。
  4. Analysis of the questionnaire ' s structure . this part gives item analysis and factor analysis of questionnaire and illustrates its reliability and validity
  5. After the item analysis and revision , i turned the questionnaire into a formal one using for testing along with another " questionnaire on students " motivation in physics learning "

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