it follows that meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "it follows that" in a sentence
  • 由此得出结论..., 因而断定..
  • it:     it2 pron. (s ...
  • follow:    vt. 1.跟着,跟随;接着,跟着发 ...
  • that:    pron. (pl. those ) ...
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  1. It follows that the title to the lands in question is in the plaintiff .
  2. It follows that organization embraces decision making, of critical and routine sorts .
  3. It follows that with the voltage on, the losses are high, so oscillation is prevented .
  4. It follows that every reversible adiabatic process is one of constant entropy, and may be described as isentropic .
  5. It follows that value premises, however carefully disguised, are an integral component both of economic analysis and economic policy .

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