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  • 合理, 讲得通, 有道理
  • 可能,有道理,符合常规
  • it:     it2 pron. (s ...
  • figure:    n. 1.外形,形状,外观;姿态。 ...
  • figures:    菲格斯; 价格,金额,数字; 图形, ...
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  1. Little is known of his reign, though in local legend it figures as a time of romantic chivalry .
  2. It figures she ' d muscle in . - is mae here
    看来她是要插一脚了. -梅在么
  3. - it figures she ' d muscle in . - is mae here
    -看来她是要插一脚了. -梅在么
  4. It figures my personality and selfhood
  5. Ciearly , your generation has it figured out

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