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  • 艾斯坦斯
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  1. H : ( operator ) george ' s hotel . can be of any a istance
  2. If no re iratio are detected , call for a istance
  3. While no one likes the shirker who never seems to be able to quite get his own projects finished and tur helple ly to peers for a istance , most will willingly volunteer to lend a hand to someone who has helped him or her
  4. College of physics and electrical information engineering mingxia university , northwest industry university , china telecom and some colleges of our country try ordering work by recruited students through modern distance education . moreover , for the sake of research extensive , studies the bank of world established global development learning network ( gdln ) c ' istance learning center in our university
    通过我校与西北工业大学、中国电信以及国内的一些高等院校联合举办的远程教育本科班的试点工作,另外为了研究具有广泛性,还对世界银行在我校设置的全球发展学习网( gdln )远程教学中心进行了调查和研究。

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