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  • 岛状结构
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  1. Among them , sea - island structure flexibilizer had good synthetical properties
  2. Aiming at dealing with the passenger flaw outburst during asia game for a metro station ob , the expedite transport capability is theoretically calculated according to different design of station platform and passage way , under island - side and island structure only
  3. The modified asphalt may be looked upon materials for highway road . the sea and island structure which the island lied in the sea and the sea lied in the island of the modified asphalt was characterized by sem . the modified asphalt was characterized by element analysis , tem , afm , gpc , tg and ft - ir
    通过扫描电子显微镜( sem )分析表明改性后沥青呈岛中有海、海中有岛的海岛结构;另外,还采用了元素分析、透射电子显微镜( tem ) 、原子力显微镜( afm ) 、凝胶色谱( gpc ) 、热重分析( tg ) 、红外光谱分析( ft - ir )等分析方法对改性沥青进行了表征,探讨了可能的改性机理。

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