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  • 多面向街地段
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  1. Guidelines for contractors ' health , safety and environment manual ; and regulations for operating on the pearl island site
    卷3 :工程量清单(含总体摘要) ;承包方健康、安全及环保指南;有关珍珠岛现场施工的规章制度。
  2. Complex geology and varied topography have given rise to a diversity of ecosystems and species unmatched in the insular caribbean and created one of the most biologically diverse tropical island sites on earth
  3. Given that the black point reclamation is small , and could probably be reduced , wwf questions whether the completion time for building the lng terminal adjacent to the black point gas - fired power station would really be significantly slower than building the terminal at a remote island site with no road access , in addition to a 38 km pipeline

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