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[网络] 平静
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  1. the term “ phishing ” literally means “ f ishing ” for users and can linguistically date back to the evolution of “ ph reak ( ph one f reak ) ” that usually connected with the activity of computer hacking
  2. ana1yze and sununarize the di fferent 1evel of user mode1 in system mode1, study the establ ishing process of user mode1 in se1f-- adapting education hypermedia, design an examp1e of user mode1, final ly prove the va1 idi ty of the method and mode1
  3. (2 ) exp1oring and advancing the reference model of self-- adapting education hypermedia system construction through the ana1ysis for the exist construction and function of hypermedia system, point out the error of current education hypermedia . advance a system construction reference mode1 suiting for se1f-- adapting education hypermedia . make the ana1ysis based on the estab1 ishing system construction reference mode1
  4. senior middle schools in fujian decided to apply research-oriented study as a required course during the 2001-2002 school year . the thesis starts from today's education and the purpose of establ ishing research-oriented study, expounding the psychological basis and feasibilities, probes into the carryout of english teaching and learning through research-oriented study, and sums up the achievements and drawbacks during the research and raises problems for further investigation

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