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Pronunciation:   "is that so" in a sentence   "is that so" meaning
  • 是这样吗
  • 是这样子的吗
  • 真是那样吗
  • 真是如此
  • that:    pron. (pl. those ) ...
  • so:    n. 【音乐】=sol1.
  • and so:    所以,因此;同样; 同样地, 因而, ...
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  1. I tore it from a magazine . is that so wrong
  2. A : is that so ? well you must have a twin then
  3. - you ' re tina ' s son ? - is that so hard to beiieve
    -你是蒂娜的儿子? -很难相信吗?
  4. - you ' re tina ' s son ? - is that so hard to believe
    -你是蒂娜的儿子? -很难相信吗?
  5. What on earth is that so - called love between us

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