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  • 铁碳合金
  • iron:    n. 1.铁。 2.铁器,铁制品;小 ...
  • carbon:    n. 1.【化学】碳。 2.【电学】 ...
  • carbon iron:    碳素铁
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  1. Treatment of wastewater from pathalocyanine production by iron - carbon reduction process
  2. Iron - carbon equilibrium diagram
  3. Study on advanced treatment of coking wastewater by iron - carbon micro - electrolysis process
  4. The flow process of applying iron - carbon micro - electrolysis per - treatment to treat copper phthalocyanine content wastewater , applying physico chemical per - treatment technique to treat resin wastewater , and applying anaerobic - sbr aerobic process as biochemical treatment is employed to treat the organic chemical wastewater successfully , and the effluent can meet the national discharge criteria
    含铜酞菁废水采用铁炭微电解预处理技术,树脂废水采用物化预处理技术,再通过厌氧水解? sbr好氧生化处理技术的工艺流程,成功地治理了该有机化工废水,出水达到国家排放标准。

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