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  • 投资能力
  • investment:    n. 1.投资;投资额;(时间、资本 ...
  • ability:    n. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl. ...
  • -ability:    后缀 由 -able 转成的名词词尾 ...
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  1. Kwig is upon its own international professional technical team , financing team and strong investment ability to develop business in china
  2. The transformation of value - added tax enhances the remuneration rate of investment , reduces investment risk , strengthens investment ability of enterprise fixed assets , is beneficial to the renewal and transformation of technique
  3. In addition , the factors , including that enterprise enjoys greater benefit of vocational education than other investors , that enterprise has good investment ability , and that the joining of enterprise into vocational education has most important influence on vocational education development , determine that enterprise should be the investment subject of vocational education

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