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  • 结壳时间
  • invest:    vt. 1.使穿;使带(勋章等)。 ...
  • time:    n. 1.时,时间,时日,岁月。 2 ...
  • investing:    包埋, 围模; 熔模铸造; 投资法
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  1. “ why invest time and effort to build the girl up ? ”
    “为什么要花费时间和精力去树立这个女孩的威信? ”
  2. Analysis for effect of limited investing time on the option value of project
  3. Every meeting should have a published agenda answering the most obvious questions : why am i investing time in this meeting
  4. With that information , those investing time , energy , or money in a social venture can determine whether that investment is worth it for them
  5. Perl programmers if they are willing to invest time in understanding the basic topics discussed the links in resources will help
    Perl程序员,如果他们愿意花时间理解讨论过的基本主题的话(参考资料部分的链接将会提供帮助) 。

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