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  • international:    adj. 国际(上)的,国际间的;世 ...
  • advanced:    adj. 1.前进的,先驱的;高等的 ...
  • level:    n. 1.水平仪,水准仪;水准测量。 ...
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  1. The quality of products reach the international advanced level
  2. 2010 national strive to 10 - 20 home bearing the product reached the international advanced level
    到2010年全国力争有10 - 20家轴承企业的产品达到国际先进水平。
  3. Moreover , our product quality reaches international advanced level and satisfies market demand better
  4. Has the production line of asm entire automatic integration solid crystal , wire solder of the international advanced level
  5. But compared with international advanced level , it still exists difference , and faces all kinds of difficulties

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