insurance applicant meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "insurance applicant" in a sentence
  • 求保人
  • 申请保险人
  • 投保人
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  1. At the same time , to insurance applicant , insurance contract is the only means to obtain their protection
  2. It can be found in the provisions of 641st terms of japanese commercial law which gives insurer exemption when the covered perils happen because of insurance applicant or insurant ’ s malignant acts or gross faults
  3. Article 126 an insurance agent , or an insurance broker shall not take advantage of his / her administrative role , the privilege of the position or the authority or other unfair means to coerce , induce or restrict insurance applicants to enter into an insurance contract
  4. Article 2 " insurance " is the term used in this law to refer to a commercial insurance transaction whereby an insurance applicant , as contracted , pays insurance premiums to the insurer , and the insurer bears an obligation to indemnify for property loss or damage caused by an occurrence of a possible event that is agreed upon in the contract , or to pay the insurance benefits when the insured person dies , is injured or disabled , suffers diseases or reaches the age or term agreed upon in the contract

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