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  • 保险和金融
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  1. Our services include automobile buying and selling , car searching , new and used car insurance and finance
  2. Generally , cases of maritime fraud involve large sums of money and a variety of organizations , and have become an obstacle for the development of international trade and shipping , imposing severe threats to the industries of business , shipping , insurance and finance
  3. It is just like what embrechts , kl ppelberg and mikosch ( 1997 ) [ 6 ] pointed out : " random sums are the bread and butter of insurance mathematics " . and what have intimate relation with random sums are renewal counting processes and other counting processes . in the current theory of insurance and finance , the random variables generating counting processes are often supposed independent identically distributed , this hypothesis is reasonable in many situations and we have obtained rather satisfactory " results about it
    ) ppelbergandmikosch ( 1997 ) [ 6 ]指出: “随机和就像是保险数学中的面包和黄油” ,而与随机和密切相关的是更新计数过程和其他计数过程,在现行保险金融理论中,人们往往假设构成计数过程的随机变量独立同分布,这一假设在许多场合下是合理的,并且取得了颇为圆满的结果。

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