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  1. Bank deposit insurance act
  2. Reinsurance : also known asreinsurance . is set in contracts concluded by insurers . theirunderwriting of risk transfer to one or more insurers to reducetheir risks borne by the insurance act
  3. And make a objective evaluation to the status and effect of british marine insurance act , then analyses the chapter twelfth of cmc , i . e . the contract of marine insurance . finally , thinks that amending the chapter twelfth of cmc should have been imperative under the situation
  4. But the risk of host goverment breach of contract should be excluded . the fif t section explains in brief the insurance procedures , insurance rate , insurance period and adjustment , etc . the sixth section provides some legal thinking on perfecting china " s overseas investment insurance scheme , at the domestic law level , chi - na needs to formulate its overseas investment insurance act and should establish bilateral overseas investment insurance scheme
  5. Dissertates the provisions in the british marine insurance act ( 1906mia ) , studies the prejudications during the progress history of the british marine insurance , and analyses the current statue in the legislation and the judicatory practice , educing that establishing the principle of utmost good faith in cmc is necessary
    并通过对英国1906年海上保险法(简称1906mia )对最大诚信原则的相关规定的论述,以及对英国在其海上保险法发展的历史过程中相关判例的研究。并结合我国的立法与司法实践中的现状进行分析,得出,最大诚信原则在我国海商法中完全有确立的必要性结论。

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