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  • 保温房
  • insulate:    vt. 1.隔离,使孤立。 2.【物 ...
  • building:    n. 1.建筑物,房屋,大楼,大厦。 ...
  • insulated:    保温的; 被绝缘的; 绝缘的隔热的孤 ...
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  1. The best heat - insulated method can be realized with multi - technique heat - insulation . the self - cleaning and heat - insulated building coating obtained in this paper can be used on the buildings and covering materials . it not only can protect the material , prolong its lifetime , but also has efficient self - cleaning function and heat - insulation property
  2. Dried at the temperature , the film has surface with convex and concave microstructure , its hydrophobicity and surface roughness can be improved evidently by adding the bead - forming agent . ( 3 ) the self - cleaning and heat - insulated building coating with excellent hydrophobic property and gas - permeability was preparaed by using the hydrophobic additive , modified sepiolite and modified expanded pearlite
    ( 3 )应用疏水添加剂、改性海泡石、膨胀珍珠岩能够制得自清洁隔热功能涂覆材料;制备的疏水添加剂和经提纯、疏水改性后的海泡石和膨胀珍珠岩,对乳胶涂料的流变性能、稳定性能以及涂膜的疏水性能、对比率和其他常规性能无不良影响。

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