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  • 被绝缘体
  • 绝缘体
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  1. Insulated bodies of insulated or refrigerated vehicles
  2. Ii heat leakage test shall be carried out to establish the heat leakage for the refrigerated container . the inner heating method only shall be used . three heating device shall be placed inside the insulated body of the container and thermal equilibrium shall be established between the power of the heating devices and associated fans , and the heat flowing out through the insulation
    机械式冷藏集装箱的制冷性能实验( 2 )是将加热器按公式q = c u ( t - t )的值对箱内加热( c为附加热负荷q占漏热量的比例系数) ,且计算出系数c的值为0 . 14 ,大大低于iso规定的0 . 25 ,在投入附加的热负荷后,冷藏集装箱仍能保持箱内设定的温度。

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