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Pronunciation:   "inner block" in a sentence
  • 内层分程序
  • inner:    adj. (superl. inne ...
  • block:    n. 1.片,块,大块;粗料,毛料; ...
  • a block:    空心块; 两条街的距离
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  1. No machine can give the kind of stimulation , needed to remove his inner block . go to the mirror boy
  2. Gdb circumvents the problem by treating the inner block as if it had the same scope as the outer block
    符号信息显示了符号范围的开始和结束(比如一个函数或者一段语句的开始) 。
  3. This thesis studies the slot coupling process and the effects of the cavity and the inner blocks on the coupling process

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