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  • 经理-行业分析师关系
  • industry:    n. 1.勤劳,勤奋,刻苦。 2.工 ...
  • analyst:    n. 1.分解者,分析者;化验员。 ...
  • relation:    n. 1.说话,叙述,报告;故事。 ...
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  1. As vice president of corporate communications for adobe , kevin burr oversees worldwide public relations , internal communications and industry analyst relations
    作为adobe的企业传播副总裁, kevin burr负责监管全球公共关系内部沟通和行业分析师关系等。
  2. Welcome to the symantec industry analyst relations resource center . here you will find timely information on symantec ' s technology , strategy , and vision

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