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  • industry:    n. 1.勤劳,勤奋,刻苦。 2.工 ...
  • control:    n. 1.支配,管理,管制,统制,控 ...
  • computer:    n. 1.计算者。 2.(电子)计算 ...
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  1. Design of industry control computer in tire sulphur turn process control
  2. The hardware uses a industry control computer based on pci bus and a signal converter
  3. It is mainly consist of large scale plc , industry control computer and other devices
  4. The hardware uses a industry control computer based on pci bus , a signal converter and daq ( date acquisition card to develop )
  5. In the test , the speed of revolution , temperature , oil supply pressure and other parameter are measured by the industry control computer

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