included fibre meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "included fibre" in a sentence
  • 掺入型纤维
  • included:    adj. 1.包入的,包有的,包含的 ...
  • fibre:    n. 1.纤维,纤维质;纤维制品,纤 ...
  • be included in:    包括在
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  1. Acetic acid is used as an intermediate in a wide range of products including fibres , paints , adhesives , pharmaceuticals and printing inks
  2. Through the development of these years , shandong wanjie high - tech stork co . , ltd has became a large - scale textile production base , including fibre , textile , thermoelectricity and so on . its overall assets are rmb 25 hundred millions , its annual income is rmb 30 hundred millions , it has more than three thousand people working for it . but its workers have low ability because it is developed from a small factory , which was established a few years ago

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