included fiber meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "included fiber" in a sentence
  • 掺入纤维
  • included:    adj. 1.包入的,包有的,包含的 ...
  • fiber:    n. 〔美国〕 = fibre。
  • be included in:    包括在
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  1. Tyco electronics ( shanghai ) co , ltd . includes fiber optics business unit ( shanghai ) , power system and a trading company
  2. The hyoda brand plays active roles in heavy industrial fields such as heavy electrical , nuclear power , shipbuilding and chemicals , and light industries including fibers , dies , food processing , etc
  3. The main products include fiber glass yarn , fiber glass fabric , rpgb - tape , fiber glass reinforcement for grinding wheel , texturing of yarn , winding roving , smc roving , chopped strands and so on
    主要产品有无碱玻璃纤维纱、布(含用于电气和玻璃钢制造业的脱腊处理布) 、带,玻璃纤维增强砂轮布,膨体纱,缠绕纱, smc ,短切原丝以及各类玻纤网布铝过滤布等等。
  4. 6 study in materials department of suzhou university major in polymer materials which includes fiber plastic rubber function polymer composite materials , adhesives and paint , professional english and other professional courses
  5. Chemical fiber abstracts involved the latest technology of synthetic fiber and cellulose fiber abroad is a fiber class abstracts journal . it contains 18 items including fiber , products , process , additives and etc

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