included crystal meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "included crystal" in a sentence
  • 内含晶体
  • included:    adj. 1.包入的,包有的,包含的 ...
  • crystal:    n. 1.结晶,(结)晶体;晶粒;水 ...
  • be included in:    包括在
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  1. Advanced developers will see how the project setup tutorial demonstrates a best practices approach for configuring a project that includes crystal reports
  2. Shortly followed , we successfully designed and assembled our complete " end to end " wafer production line including crystal growth , wire slicing , lapping , etching and polishing processes
    紧接著即建构好衔接完整的晶圆加工生产线(由长晶、线切、研磨、抛光到超净包装) 。
  3. Zhongshan gaoda art ceramic factory is a professional mosaic manufacturer , our product including crystal mosaic , metal mosaics magic mosaic and ceramic mosaic
  4. Photographs showing the new elegant crystal postal souvenirs , including crystal datestamp ( left ) , switzerland posting box ( middle ) and new zealand posting box ( right ) to be introduced on 5 march 2001
    图示为将于二一年三月五日推出的全新邮政纪念品,包括水晶邮戳(左) 、瑞士邮筒(中)及新西兰邮筒(右) 。
  5. Topics covered include crystal structure and band theory , density functional theory , a survey of properties of metals and semiconductors , quantum hall effect , phonons , electron phonon interaction and superconductivity

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