include guard meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "include guard" in a sentence
  • include防范
  • include:    vt. (opp. exclude) ...
  • guard:    n. 1.警卫;警戒;看守。 2.防 ...
  • include…in:    把…列在…里面
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  1. For example , if your headers use include guards
  2. Include guarding zhou go up to explore , go to nautical mile to invite swim
  3. The story centers on a regular white - collar woman named bing miriam yeung , who leads a carefree city life that includes guarding her turf in the office and dating and gossiping with her three girlfriends
  4. Working : these dogs are generally intelligent and powerfully built , performing a variety of tasks , including guarding homes and livestock , serving as draft animals , and as police , military and service dogs
  5. Nato governments say that is because russia has not kept related pledges to pull all soldiers out of abkhazia and transdniestria ( where their jobs include guarding a huge ex - soviet weapons dump )

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