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  • incident:    n. 1.(政治性)事故;事变。 2 ...
  • angle:    n. 〔古语〕钓钩;钓具。 a br ...
  • angle, incident:    入射角
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  1. Influence of ion incident angle on microstructures and magnetic properties of fexcr1 - x ahoy films
  2. Ibm simulation results show that in our analysis incident angle range from 20 ? to 40
    本论文研究工作取得的创新性研究成果主要有以下几方面: 1 )
  3. A ( 9 , sr ) is a function of surface roughness and radar incident angle , and b is only influenced by incident angle
    通过与实测地表土壤水分含量对比,反演结果均方根误差( rmse )为0 . 44 。
  4. The gain of the retrodirective antenna in the incoming signal direction fluctuates with ? db as the incident angle increases
  5. It is concluded that the stress transmission rate varies with stress wave s incident angle

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