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  • 国内作业的
  • country:    n. 1.国家;国土;(全)国民,民 ...
  • a country:    国家行政文化
  • in the country:    乡村生活; 在农村; 在乡村里; 在 ...
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  1. I have an in - country contact
  2. In this paper , the reach actuality and development trend of opo in - country and overseas is introduced
  3. There will also be no need to apply for a residence permit in - country unless you need to extend or change the status of your stay in the uk
  4. There are three parts in the paper . the first is about the background of the paper and the research works of in - country and oversea people
  5. 3 provide guidance and advice to in - country financial management regarding policy , processes , systems and financial staffing and organisation

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