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  • 公司内培训
  • 企业内培训
  • company:    n. 1.交际,交往;作伴;伴侣;朋 ...
  • training:    n. 训练,教练,练习;锻炼;(马等 ...
  • company training allowance:    公司练习补助费; 公司训练补助费
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  1. Hkpc also provides in - company training programmes tailored to meet the individual needs of client companies
  2. The university attracts almost forty percent of its funds from businesses : through in - company training , in - company research , sponsorships , and external courses
    大学经费的40 %来源于实地培训和研究,捐款以及对外课程等商业活动。

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