in what follows meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in what follows" in a sentence
  • 在下文中
  • what:    adj. 1.〔疑问〕什么;多少。 ...
  • follow:    vt. 1.跟着,跟随;接着,跟着发 ...
  • what follows:    下列所述
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  1. These simplifications must be kept in mind in what follows .
  2. In what follows , a very simple text mining application is described in some detail
  3. In what follows , three chapters present the technologies for reusable e - business system
  4. I will leave you to do any swizzling of names and file separators in what follows , so that the programs work correctly on your system
  5. In what follows we will cover the first two areas . part 2covers the last three areas , and caching techiniques are deeply explained in caching optimization

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