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Pronunciation:   "in welded joints" in a sentence
  • 在焊缝上
  • weld:    n. 【植物;植物学】淡黄木樨草;( ...
  • joint:    n. 1.接合,榫接合处,接合点。 ...
  • joints, welded:    接头,焊接
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  1. Cod . test method of crack opening displacement in welded joints
  2. This paper describes the difference between the terms of groove and bevel in weld joints and condition in asme code translation
  3. The result shows that tempered martensite has apparent lath character when temper is between 740 ~ 780 , and the hardness of welded joint is 264 ~ 237hv , which can get better performance of the welded joint the lath character of martensite in welded joint disappears , and the carbide in the tempered sorbite of the base metal will aggregate when temper temperature is above 780 , and the hardness and plastic property will reduce obviously
    结果表明,在740 ~ 780之间回火,焊缝硬度为264 ~ 237hv ,回火马氏体板条特征明显,可以获得优良的焊接接头性能;回火温度超过780 ,焊缝板条马氏体特征消失,母材回火索氏体中碳化物产生偏聚,硬度、塑性明显降低。

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