in these times meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in these times" in a sentence
  • 当代
  • these:    n. 〔德语〕纲领;提纲。
  • times:    Times , The (英国)泰晤 ...
  • at times:    偶尔,有时; 碰巧,不期然而然; 时 ...
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  1. You ' re lucky to have a job in these times
  2. Don t ask , why , in these times
    在这样的时代,你就别问为什么了吧! ”
  3. It is in these times of confusion ,
  4. " running a coal - fired plant in these times is a gold mine .
  5. How can one help being worried in these times , if one has any feeling ? ”
    … …在我们这个时代,即令有感情,又怎么能够保持宁静呢? ”

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