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Pronunciation:   "in the pen" in a sentence
  • pen:    n. 雌天鹅。
  • a pen:    一枝钢笔; 一支笔; 一只笔
  • pen:    n. 1.笔尖;笔[笔尖和笔杆];〔 ...
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  1. He is now in the pen .
  2. Then they saw the dogs weren ' t in the pen
    后来她们发现那狗不在狗窝里。 )
  3. Where does it sleep ? - it sleeps in the pen
    它在哪睡觉? -在栅栏里睡。
  4. That ' s all right , there ' s no ink in the pen
  5. But even in the pen , i did braid all the homies ' hair on the block

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