in the past time, meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in the past time," in a sentence
  • 在过去
  • past:    adj. 1.过去的;完了的。 2. ...
  • time:    n. 1.时,时间,时日,岁月。 2 ...
  • past time:    过去; 逝去的时光
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  1. In the past time ,
  2. We are proud of the success that we achieved in the past time , but we wish more about the future
  3. In the past time , people are often concerned about the maneuverability in the still water , for example , the course - keeping stability , turning ability and so on
  4. It is an independent legal entity . in the past times , the corp . by developing , the spirit of " unity , development , keeping promises and actual effects " and complies with the aim of " quality first , honour heighest "
  5. As the greatest and the most famous natural history museum in the world , british natural history museum was one part of great britain museum created in 1753 in the past time , it was divided from the general museum in 1881 , and officially established in 1963
    作为世界上最大也是最负盛名的自然历史博物馆之一,英国自然历史博物馆原来为1753年创建的不列颠博物馆的一部分, 1881年由总馆分出, 1963年正式独立。

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