in the past three years meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in the past three years" in a sentence
  • 三年以来
  • past:    adj. 1.过去的;完了的。 2. ...
  • three:    n. 1.三个人[东西]。 2.三岁 ...
  • year:    n. 1.年,岁;一年。 2.年度, ...
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  1. Real income per head rose by about 16 per cent in the past three years .
  2. Where have you been in the past three years
  3. Industrial production has risen by ? in the past three years
    在过去的三年中,工业生产增加了? 。
  4. In the past three years we have learned two thousand english words
  5. C the annual payroll for these it personnel in the past three years

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