in soy sauce meaning in Chinese

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  • 酱汁..
  • soy:    n. 1.中国酱油。 2.大豆,黄豆 ...
  • sauce:    n. 1 调味汁,酱油。 2.刺激物 ...
  • soy sauce:    大豆沙司; 豆酱; 豆豉; 酱油膏; ...
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  1. [ student : eggplant sauteed in soy sauce ? how good is that
  2. Condiment terminology . vegetables pickled in soy sauce and pickles
  3. Have some dumplings . dip them in soy sauce
  4. Study on the inspection of white - pellicle - formingyeast in soy sauce
  5. Scalded scallops in soy sauce with sesame oil

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