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  • 靠岸
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  1. Sailors in shore leave often spend money like water
  2. " run her nose in shore , " says the king . i done it
    “船头对着岸边靠” ,国王说,我照着办了。
  3. Qidong dongpu hardware co . , ltd . ( qidong no . 2 standard fastener plant ) located in shore of east china sea , the yellow sea outpost and face shanghai each other to the river
  4. For an instant he feared lest , instead of keeping in shore , she should stand out to sea ; but he soon saw that she would pass , like most vessels bound for italy , between the islands of jaros and calaseraigne
  5. After summarizing the experience of research and application about microbial sources tracking in anther countries , the project to research and development the monitoring tracking technology of the microbial source in shore of china was introduced

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