in sharp contrast to meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in sharp contrast to" in a sentence
  • 鲜明的对比
  • sharp:    adj. 1.锐利的;锋利。 2.尖 ...
  • contrast:    n. 1.对照,对比;(对照中的)差 ...
  • a sharp contrast:    显明的对比
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  1. That the doctrines of the historical jurists stood in sharp contrast to the teachings of the classical natural-law philosophers .
  2. His white hair was in sharp contrast to his dank skin
  3. That is in sharp contrast to last year
  4. His white hair was in sharp contrast to ( with ) his dark skin
  5. His white hair was in sharp contrast to ( ie was very noticeably different from ) his dark skin

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