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Pronunciation:   "in search of lost time" in a sentence
  • 追逝水年
  • 追忆逝水年华
  • 追忆似水年华
  • search:    vt. 1.搜查;检查(身体、衣袋等 ...
  • lost:    adj. 1.失去了的;丢失了的;错 ...
  • time:    n. 1.时,时间,时日,岁月。 2 ...


  1. " nowhere " , a man and a woman roam the streets of a foreign land in search of lost time
    “ ya ”女子被抛弃了,女性朋友为了安慰她,与她一同骑单车前往一个地方
  2. A new version of in search of lost time makes proust less stuffy , but has something been lost in translation

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