in return for this meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in return for this" in a sentence
  • [网络] 作为对什么的回报;作为报答,作为交换;作为…的回报
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  1. in return for this, the beggar stood on his head and sang songs
  2. in return for this,
  3. in return for this slightly greater coding complexity, you can create a list that is not only safer than
  4. a client may lose by this arrangement in two ways : a proportion-often substantial-of any damages recovered goes to the lawyer; and as the lawyer pays all the costs of the case in return for this proportion of the damages, he is exposed to strong temptation to settle the claim before incurring the heavy expense of preparing for trial and of trial itself, although it may not be in his client s interest to do so

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