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Pronunciation:   "in prospect of" in a sentence
  • 有希望
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  1. In prospect of increase in demand , we should operate at full capacity
  2. In retrospect and 2004 in prospect of china ' s wheat market
  3. The availability of transient electromagnetic method in prospect of underground cave
  4. In prospect of increase in demand , we should operate at full capacity
  5. The first thing i propos d to my self , was , to throw down my enclosures , and turn all my tame cattle wild into the woods , that the enemy might not find them ; and then frequent the island in prospect of the same , or the like booty : then to the simple thing of digging up my two corn fields , that they might not find such a grain there , and still be prompted to frequent the island ; then to demolish my bower , and tent , that they might not see any vestiges of habitation , and be prompted to look farther , in order to find out the persons inhabiting

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