in proof of meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "in proof of" in a sentence
  • 作...的证据
  • proof:    n. 1.证明;证据;【法律】证件; ...
  • -proof:    后缀 表示“耐,防(等)”:acid ...
  • a proof:    防原子的
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  1. During this unavoidable lapse of time the bridegroom, in proof of his eagerness, was expected to expose himself alone to the gaze of the assembled company .
  2. Over the mantelpiece still hung a landscape in coloured silks of her performance, in proof of her having spent seven years at a great school in town to some effect .
  3. Is essential in proof of his innocence
  4. To both , he wrote that he would despatch letters in proof of his safety , immediately after his arrival
  5. Application of method of undetermined coefficient in proof of existence of differential coefficient median

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